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ATC Info is proud to present DaysOff 3.0. Download the demo version !

Product Description

Forget Easter? Feel alone in this foreign airport? Why nobody's there? With DaysOff, you will know why!

DaysOff computes legal holidays for several countries (Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, USA, Mexico, Brazil, etc...). Computation is available for any year, until 2031. DaysOff can also import the computed dates into the Pilot DateBook. Country data is stored in separate database files, so you can add new countries as they become available. This software is Y2K bug free ! :-).

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Download DaysOff 3.0 demo !

The list of all the country databases available for DaysOff is available here.
They are free, and regularly updated.
Last update: 13 Jan 2002 (Autralian database)
Check them now !

Learn more about DaysOff 3.0 with the DaysOff guided tour.

Version history is available here.

Questions about DaysOff may have an answer in DaysOff FAQ.

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    last update: Jan 13, 2002